Precise, live SBOM

Instant identification of entire components, individual files, or even small snippets of source code. with absolute precision, without human intervention. Our detection algorithms relieve our customers from the burden of manual identification. Open Source identification works even on source code that has been modified or customized. Our algorithms are agnostic to programming languages, coding conventions or even naming of variables, functions or objects.

Best in class detection

With the biggest open source knowledge base in the market, and the most advanced AI-driven detection algorithms, SCANOSS helps you automate component, file and snippet detection. Be on top of license compliance with SCANOSS. Our machine learning algorithms, running in a live database that continuously learns from the Open Source community, ensure the highest precision and fastest processing in the industry.

Live Knowledge-base

Our knowledge base is constantly learning about new OSS components and new releases of existing components. Our live knowledge base does not require updates since it is learning permanently, not only from the OSS community, but also from customer feedback.

Peace of mind

Using Open Source algorithms, SCANOSS calculates source code checksums, which are sent to the OSS compliance servers for analysis. Neither the source code nor the file names are ever transmitted over the network. When it comes to safeguading your sensitive data, this becomes an absolute peace of mind.